About Sugar Crash

What is the Sugar Crash Podcast?

The Sugar Crash Podcast started in 2018 when I wanted to do dieting my own way. I had seen results on another fad diet that I had done the year before, but I thought that I could do a diet by my own design better than the one I had done the year before.

As I reflected about what I had learned from the last diet, there was one change that stood out from the others: basically I wasn’t eating sugar anymore, anywhere. Well, wait. What I mean by that is I wasn’t eating sugar in the absence of naturally occurring fiber anywhere. I wasn’t using synthetic sweeteners, either. The sugar that I was eating was from whole fruits and vegetables.

As I learn more about this diet, I’m more convinced that this is a great strategy. And, I’m taking you along for the ride.

The Sugar Crash Podcast is a weekly podcast about that process. It features my stories with the struggle to quit sugar, my solutions for how to do the diet, interviews with personalities that have something to teach us, and more!

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What is the Sugar Crash Diet?

The Sugar Crash Diet is an eating strategy that is designed around eliminating as much added sweetener from a diet as possible. These sweeteners come in many forms, whether they are naturally occurring sugars and syrups, food additives like fructose or sucrose or artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. The results that us Sugar Crashers hope to achieve are weight loss, prevention of heart disease and diabetes, less reliance on processed foods, and a better dialogue about food in our families and communities.

Does a Sugar Crash Diet mean Sugar Free?

The Sugar Crash Diet is what you make of it! So, yes, it can be!

However, for many of us, totally abstaining from sugar may not be realistic or desired. So I’ve come up with my own goal system.

For me, I’m trying to eat at least 80% of my meals without any sugar added. I measure this with three indicators:

  • Total Meals – This statistic measures the total number of times that I eat in a given day. I include snacks in this figure, using the meal designation for them, though the number of calories that I would eat with these would be less than a meal.
  • Sugar Crash Violations – A Sugar Crash Violation is a meal where the total amount of added sugar would exceed 5 grams.
  • Gray Area Meal – Gray area meals are meals are meals where the total amount of added sugar in a meal would be less than 5 grams.