Sugar Crash Updates


If you’ve listened to the Sugar Crash podcast in 2018, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that I haven’t been consistent with producing new episodes. For that, please accept my apologies.

2018 was a very difficult year for me. It was year that was intended for big changes in my life. You may have heard me allude to distress in my career life in episodes of the Sugar Crash podcast. That continued in 2018. There was hardship, heartbreak, difficulty and depression that all reared their ugly heads during production of the podcast. And, honestly, those feelings broke me—multiple times.

In truth, I started this endeavor as an “extra” thing in my life. I was serious about doing it, but I wasn’t serious about it as a priority. What I found while doing the podcast is that it was something that I truly enjoyed doing. It was connecting me with a version of me that I truly liked. And yet, it was just a background thing.

Late last year, I had enough. All year, I had found myself divided between doing creative endeavors, which would produced a kind of confidence and goodness about my work, and stuff in my professional life, which would drain the good feelings that I had and replace them with bad. By fall, I had gone through around 9 months of that cycle and found myself completely broken.

I resolved to not go through that again. I took some time to regroup. I made some decisions that I felt would be for my own mental health.

So I’m bringing back the Sugar Crash podcast in 2019 as a step toward good health. I’m retooling a bit, too. This is going to be a focus to my life instead of a hobby. I’m going to be focusing “Sugar Crash” to be the banner that I write everything under. So, you’ll be seeing everything under this banner change in the new year. I’ll still be writing about the same stuff that I had been—recipes, pop culture—but this time you’ll see it under “Sugar Crash” rather than SOUL.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do some more things with the podcast. I’d like to do more with interviews and I’d like to do some shows that try some different technical and narrative things. I’d also like to experiment more with ‘vlogs.’ We’ll see how all that transpires.

There’s also a new relationship in my life that is radically changing the way that I run my day—I have a gym membership. I joined Planet Fitness some time this Fall and have been really enjoying it. I never dreamed that I’d enjoy going to the gym; however, around the time that I picked up the gym membership, I also started experimenting with getting during the 4am hour. The mix of getting up early and heading to the gym has been nothing short of incredible.

Yes, there is something totally crazy about getting up around 4am. But something magical happens to your point of view when you’re moving that early. It changes the day and makes it feel like more is possible. I can’t exactly explain it.

In the upcoming episode of the podcast, you’ll hear instructions about how to update your podcast feed as I migrate to as my primary domain name. I’m excited for what the future holds. This should be a heck of a ride!