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Real Food: Tuna-Scallion Salad

Healthy food isn’t known for delivering bold flavors. This is the dish to change that. Big, bold, and incredibly stinky, I love to eat this dish at lunch time. It’s a quick and versatile dish that delivers on all fronts: flavor, texture, salt and fat. What’s not to love?

It’s the maverick that eats this kind of stuff. Sure, this isn’t necessarily the stuff that’s considered office-friendly, but that’s because nearly every ingredient has been stigmatized in some way.

Consider the ingredients: scallions, canned tuna, everything bagel seasoning, extra virgin olive oil, I’m sure that you feel like you can smell it coming off the page.

You’re taking a far too gentile approach to your eating if you’re thinking too much about the aroma. You want big, bold aromatics to fill the senses when you’re eating. That’s the kind of stuff that feels indulgent, rich and luxurious. It’s those bold smells that beckon the eater to indulge all the senses, to take lunch time from sustenance to something approximating fine dining. How many smoothie bowls can claim the same thing?

Yes, this isn’t caviar, but in many ways you’re playing in the same pond—salty, fishy, fatty. At the same time, there’s dimension here. Scallions provide a crunchy freshness that plays against the firmness of the tuna and stands up to it. The bold onion flavor plays its part in an ensemble of fish and fat.

One shouldn’t underestimate the transportability of this dish—it’s one of the key selling points. Canned tuna is perfect for a single serving and fitting in a backpack. Scallions are easy to cut with a simple pair of scissors. You can bring the everything bagel seasoning and olive oil and leave it at your desk without refrigeration and use it in other salads in a pinch.


5 oz Can of Tuna in Water
2 Large Scallions
1.5 oz of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Everything Bagel Seasoning (to taste)


1. Open the can of tuna and drain the water. Empty tuna on plate by simply banging the can on the plate so that the tuna falls out in a circle shape.

2. Season the tuna with your desired amount of everything bagel seasoning.

3. Cut the scallions using scissors over the top of the tuna.

4. Dress the salad using the extra virgin olive oil.