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Introducing the Sugar Crash Podcast!

Sugar Crash is a podcast about one man (Louis Korom) changing his relationship to sugar. You’ll hear his story about how he came to try to make the change and how it’s affecting his life–and health.

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Hi Louis! I took your advice on FB, and tuned in to your podcast. Just listened to the first episode so far, and wanted to touch base. First, I’m so proud of you for doing this, and podcasting it. You will help many others who are on the same journey as you are, as you get healthy.
A few years ago I lost weight, and unfortunately some of it found me again. So, I started back again–watching, planning, being careful. We share some of the same issues, my friend, both health-wise, and our love for sugar. Ice cream is my downfall.
So, here’s what worked for me previously:
To keep track of water intake, I bought a 74.4 oz water bottle at Walmart. Nothing fancy, looks like a clear jug, and only cost a few dollars. I fill it at night and put in the fridge. My daily goal is to finish it. Easy to keep track that way.
When you have a craving, drink water and your craving will pass. Train your inner voice to say “nope, not doing that anymore” and “don’t need it”. Look at your beautiful kids for motivation–it’s the best there is!
Keeping track: blood glucose monitors and blood pressure cuffs are not all that pricy, and it will help you keep those numbers in check. Check out a website called You enter the food you’ve had daily (or plan to have as you can enter ahead of time if you plan), and you can see your intake of calories, fat, fiber, protein, carbs, etc. It was a big help for me.
Stay strong, Louis. You can do it!

Thank you for listening, and thanks for the tips! Hydration really is key to curbing cravings. I did adjust the amount of water down to be more reasonable to my lifestyle–but I’m happy with the progress that I’ve made so far! How is the progress going since you’ve returned to your diet?

I’m just started it. Drinking water is easy for me, getting the “I don’t need that” tape playing in my head will be harder to remember as I’m shopping. For me it’s a mind-set. But once that mind-set is in place it’s easy to pass things by. I’m down a couple of pounds, and that’s fine with me. It’s a start–something to keep going.

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